Regional Sorghum Production Manager

Entreprise: Papyrus, S.A.

Type de contrat de travail:
Temps plein

Secteur d'activité:

Localisation: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date d'embauche: 27 mars 2018

Publiée le: Feb 27, 2018


Regional Sorghum Production Manager at Papyrus, S.A.

Description du poste:

1) Functions as a communication point between field teams and SMASH office
2) Sits in management meetings every 2 weeks to report about field activities and needs
3) Manages and coordinates all production aspects (soil preparation / growing / harvesting) in support of SMASH office staff
4) Ensure increased responsibility and operational support on a regional level
5) Weekly meetings with regional team to plan the work week and keep track of results
6) Build relationships with regional or national partners to strengthen the supply chain

Working in collaboration with SMASH Project Management Team, the Regional Sorghum Production Manager will:

- Supervise and coordinate SMASH daily activities in active regions, primarily South and Nippes
- Report to and advise program management on a weekly basis on program activities and challenges in order to make the program more efficient
- Hold weekly planning meetings with all technical agents in different regions ; supervise the execution of their tasks and track accomplishments of their KPIs
- Manage existing relationships with farmers and develop new ones with farmers and farmer associations
- Supervise the management of office supplies and equipment
1) Supervise the coordination/deployment of motor bikes and generators
2) Supervise the management of office petty cash
3) Anticipate and communicate the operational and administrative needs
- Support SMASH Achat
1) Help preparing the buying activities by appointing and supervising agents who will train MCC operators and supervise MCCs
2) Assist SMASH Achat agents during harvest and buying activities
- Together with the technical agents, ensure the promotion and understanding of the program in the active SMASH areas
- Function as the main point of contact and coordination between the SMASH central office and the regional offices
- Supervise proper seed distribution following the instructions of the Technical Director
- Ensure regular inventory check for available seeds in the different offices across SMASH regions
- Ensure that technical agents always have access to necessary tools and equipment in order for them to execute their field work

Qualifications requises:

- Minimum 5 years experience in agricultural production
- Extensive knowledge on supply chain dynamics in developing context
- Fluent in English or French, good command of Creole is required
- Highly organized, self-motivator with a talent for managing diverse teams
- Above average knowledge of agriculture equipment (tractors, planters, etc.) is a plus

A propos de Papyrus, S.A.

Papyrus S.A. is a private, woman-owned, for-profit, limited liability management company, registered in Haiti since 2007, with two generations of development experience and a mission to link local and international aspirations. Decisions are made in country, meaning that they are locally informed, fully cognizant of the Haitian context, and expedient, thereby ensuring that local projects move forward quickly, efficiently, and with lasting results. Papyrus has substantive experience providing surveys and market research, expertise in financial and administrative analysis of both for-profit and non-profit entities, a practiced hand in managing donor funds and local development activities, and a broad network of key informants and clients across numerous sectors. Its leadership and highly-seasoned staff can provide a good overview of Haiti and a clear understanding of what will work.


The goal of the Smallholder Alliance for Sorghum in Haiti (SMASH) program is to source high-quality locally-grown sorghum for the production of the Brasserie Nationale d’Haïti (BRANA S.A., a subsidiary of Heineken). The Strategic Objectives of the SMASH program are: 1) to double the sorghum yield of smallholder farmers; 2) to increase farmer income from growing sorghum by 75%; and 3) to create an economical, stable, and durable supply chain of local sorghum for commercial buyers.
This is being accomplished through testing and introducing new sorghum varieties; improving agricultural production, storage, and transport practices; organizing and modernizing the supply chain; decreasing losses, mitigating risks, and reducing cultivation and financing costs; and enhancing sales volumes and profit margins.
Begun in July 2013, this innovative and evolving private-public partnership leverages the comparative advantages of a national brewery, BRANA; Papyrus S.A., a local private management firm engaged as project implementer; and two major international donors, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Inter-American Development Bank.

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