Orphanage and Program Nurses

Entreprise: Hunger Relief International

Type de contrat de travail:

Secteur d'activité:
Santé et administration hospitalière

Localisation: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date d'embauche: 10 juillet 2017

Publiée le: Jun 10, 2017


Orphanage and Program Nurses at Hunger Relief International

Description du poste:

Title: Orphanage and Program nurses
Reports to: Program Manager
The Orphanage and Program Nurse is responsible for managing, planning, implementing and evaluating comprehensive Health, WASH, Nutrition and environmental safety programs for both children in orphanages and the Community enrolled in HRI programs. This position involves extensive record keeping, organizing, and problem solving and time management. It also involves communicating with children to assess their symptoms and gather information about their general health. The nurses will also educate Orphanage Directors, care givers and Parents about their children’s medical needs.

Main duties
• Ensures that all enrolled children are up-to-date on a schedule of age appropriate preventive and primary health care;
• Provide health and medical care for children in HRI supported orphanages and Community programs (Administering vaccinations, taking vital statistics, measuring and weighing patients…)
• Works collaboratively with Orphanages Directors, care givers and parents to arrange any needed medical, dental, or nutritional examinations and immunizations;
• Conducts health assessments in clinics, including conducting physical assessments, obtaining blood pressure, temperature, measurements, and other data and developing information on health history, diet history, and family health status
• Identifies health service resources within the community; ensures all these services are included in the HRI resource directory; and, helps orphanages Directors , Care Givers and Parents, as needed, in securing a source of accessible health care for the children.
• Monitors the ongoing health status and needs of enrolled children in HRI supported orphanages and the community programs by ensuring the completion of regular health checks, the administering of necessary medications.

• Review services of the nutrition program including children's needs, food preparation and service, and provides nutrition education activities to the parents, staff and children, and make recommendations for correcting children’s nutritional status, as needed;
• Provide guidance, training and technical assistance to program staff and parents to guarantee that children are served nutritious meals and snacks appropriate to participation in a full-day Head Start Program
• Ensure that foods are an integral part of the orphanage and community total education program; that meals are served family style; and, that the quality, quantity and size of food served is appropriate to the ages of the children in all the HRI supported orphanages and community programs
• Develops and monitors the provision of special diets for children with documented food allergies or other feeding problems or special nutritional needs, consulting with children's doctor as necessary. Also, ensures children with disabilities who are in need of adaptive feeding techniques or utensils are provided them
• Determines the training needs of staff, parents and children and develops and/or delivers nutrition education, provides training and technical assistance as needed including development of appropriate resources

• Make sure adequate hand-washing equipment and supplies are provided (i.e., soap, sinks, and hands free, lidded trash cans). Operations: Teach children and staff about proper hand-washing techniques;
• Be directly responsible for the technical guidance, management and implementation of the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program;
• Evaluate the necessary material needed for a campaign/ activity
• Animate focus group, giving clear message on good hygiene practice

Qualifications requises:

• A Diploma or Bachelor degree in nursing or equivalent, in public health, Health education, maternal and child health, child nutrition from an Accredited School required. Must possess a valid State Nursing license.
• Minimum of 2 years professional nursing experience desired
• Experience working with vulnerable population is desired.
• Experience working with a multi-disciplinary health care team is desired.
• Minimum of 2 years’ experience working in WASH, Nutrition and community health programs
• Understanding of the principles, practices and current state of child health and nutrition. Experience working with infants, toddlers or preschoolers.
• Familiarity with community resources.
• Experience organizing and managing multiple responsibilities under pressure and documenting extensive information.
• Experience in the use of computer data base and/or word processing. Knowledge of the challenges and strengths of low-income and vulnerable families.
• Fluent in French and Haitian Creole, English will be an asset

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