Entreprise: Better Work Haiti / ILO

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Industrie Textile

Localisation: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date d'embauche: 28 septembre 2016

Publiée le: Sep 21, 2016


Consultant at Better Work Haiti / ILO

Description du poste:


The purpose of the customer satisfaction survey and impact assessment are to solicit feedback and
suggestions on how to improve the quality and efficiency of Better Work interventions in the
apparel industry in Haiti. The overarching goal is to create a customer-focused and customerdriven
The objectives of the proposed customer satisfaction survey and impact assessment effort
 to find out how well Better Work is presently meeting the apparel’s sector needs;
 to determine if the current interventions produce the most qualified factories as per
the compliance requirements;
 to determine if the past activities have generated the expected results;
 to identify additional information on how to improve the interventions from the
customer perspective.

Tasks and Deliverables

The activities will be implemented as follow:

Customer satisfaction
Collect data on the level of satisfaction of
60% of the factories participating in Better
Work program (October 2016 (2 weeks))

Impact assessment
Collect data on the impact that Better
Work has made in the apparel industry
based on interventions related to BWH
trainings delivered. (October- November 2016 (4

Analyze data, produce and submit report
to BW as per agreed upon timeline (October and November 2016)


The research partner will have the following responsibilities:
1. Schedule survey date with participating factories.
2. Prepare logistics with factories with the assistance of BWH
3. Review survey logistics with each participating factory.
4. Provide for transportation of survey team
5. Provide meals for survey team while in the field.
6. Transmit data files to BWH.
7. Prepare two final reports with detailed findings
8. Provide for the security and confidentiality of survey responses and data files

Qualifications requises:

Scope of Work

Review documentation (proposals, reports, memos, etc.) about Better Work activities in Haiti.
- Survey questionnaires will be designed and shared with Better Work’s leadership for
- Agreement will be sought in regards to the sampling to whom the questionnaires will be
- Questionnaires will be administered both electronically and face-to-face to 60% of the
factories in Haiti supported by Better Work.
- Trained analysts will be designated to analyze survey responses. They will compile
quantitative and qualitative data from the responses. The quantitative analyses will include
frequency and percentage distributions. They will: 1) organize and prepare data for
statistical analysis, 2) generate descriptive statistics for close-ended data and conduct a
thematic analysis of the open-ended questions, and 3) generate numerical and graphical
- A report will be provided to that will include tables of quantitative data and a narrative that
highlights important quantitative findings and analyses of qualitative data, such as
suggestions for improving services.

Documents to Submit and Deadline

1-Technical Proposal
2-Financial Proposal
3-All documents need to be received ELECTRONIC ONLY at: Haiti
4-Deadline for submission September 26th, 2016
5-Accepted firm/Candidate will be contacted by email

Confidentiality Statement

All data and information received from BW and the ILO for the purpose of this assignment are
to be treated confidentially and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these
Terms of Reference. All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of
Reference are assigned to IFC and ILO according to the grant agreement. The contents of written
materials obtained and used in this assignment may not be disclosed to any third parties without the
expressed advance written authorization of the IFC and ILO.

A propos de Better Work Haiti / ILO

The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) agreed in August 2006, to collaborate in developing a global program for better labour standards in global supply chains. The objective of the Better Work programme is to improve labour standards and enterprise performance in global supply chains in developing countries. It will do this by (a) promoting compliance with international labour standards and national law in global supply chains as a basis for building socially responsible export strategies
and (b) enhancing enterprise-level economic and social performance. The focus will be on longterm sustainable solutions which build cooperation between government, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and international buyers.

The Better Work progamme consists of two components: (1) global tools accessible via a global portal; and (2) country level programmes.

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