Deputy Program Manager

Entreprise: CFET S.A.

Type de contrat de travail:
Temps plein

Secteur d'activité:
Organisations Internationales

Localisation: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date d'embauche: 23 janvier 2015

Publiée le: Dec 22, 2014


Deputy Program Manager at CFET S.A.

Description du poste:

LAMIKA - “A Better Life in My Neighborhood”

The LAMIKA program is an urban integrated neighborhood reconstruction and recovery program being implemented in Carrefour-Feuilles, a typical poor residential neighborhood north of downtown Port-au-Prince. The area sustained extensive damage from the earthquake and is characterized by extreme poverty, dense housing and limited access to safe infrastructure and services. The objective of the program is to enhance community and household resiliency through a sustainable and integrated approach that provides healthy, habitable, and secure living space/conditions. To address needs across all sectors, the LAMIKA program is conducting activities under three pillars:

Pillar I - Social Empowerment activities include those that increase the capacity of local residents and service providers to promote the health, hazard resilience and social well-being of the community.

Pillar II - Economic Strengthening activities are designed to enhance local markets and household economies and provide opportunities for income and asset security.

Pillar III - Physical Renewal activities improve access to and use of appropriate land, housing, services and infrastructure. In an integrated approach, each of these activities link to the other two pillars and inform one another for the improvement of the Carrefour-Feuilles neighborhood as a whole. Physical renewal activities will be limited to Campeche.

The Deputy Program Manager will work in close collaboration with the LAMIKA social improvement managers (Pillar 1), technical advisors, NGOs, Government officials, local committees and organization staff. He/she will contribute to the achievement of the organization and HAP’s strategic and programmatic objectives. The position will report to the LAMIKA Program Manager and will be based in Carrefour-Feuilles, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Specific Duties and Accountabilities

• Support the development of long term community vision that they will be able to continue working towards past the completion of the program.
• Support the pillar 1 manager to develop activities that work towards program outcomes and can be sustainable and useful past the end date of the program
• Ensure that activities being undertaken are working towards the outcomes that are trying to be achieved by the organization as part of the LAMIKA program
• Support the program manager to identify synergies and ways that pillar 1 can be integrated with pillar 2 and 3.
• Support the program manager to develop a closer working relationship with Haitian counterpart.
• Support the Program Manager in coordinating and managing relationships with the Government and local authorities, partner organizations and contractors implementing projects as appropriate.
• Facilitate the continued engagement of the steering committee associated with works that are being carried out as part of the Campeche Master Plan and coordinate with those relevant national entities to establish and assure agreement on satisfactory rules, processes and procedures.
• Collaborate closely with relevant Technical Advisors designated to support the integrated approach of LAMIKA, such as construction, community development, health, urban planning, water and sanitation, disaster preparedness and risk reduction, livelihoods, and environment.
• Coordinate with the consultants, partners and other stakeholders during the design development phase and oversee work performed during all phases of the project life-cycle.
• Support the LAMIKA PM to perform monitoring visits in collaboration with Technical Advisors to ensure quality of directly implemented programs and of partner implemented programs.
• Coordinate with national agencies, local authorities, partners, UN agencies, INGOs, and other stakeholders.
• Represent the organization at internal and external meetings.
• Serve as Program Manager during LAMIKA Program Manager’s absence.

Qualifications requises:

• Degree in relevant professions, Advanced degree preferred.
• Demonstrated ability to work on community development in an urban context
• Demonstrated ability in management of a large team in a similar environment
• Demonstrated ability to establish monitoring processes and form, mentor, manage and lead a team of diverse technical backgrounds (primarily in DRR, health and community development)
• Demonstrated ability to manage consultants and partners.
• Previous work experience with the Government agencies.
• Knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Outlook
• Demonstrated professional maturity, good interpersonal skills for teamwork and good written and verbal communication skills.
• Sound report writing, interpersonal, facilitation and communication skills.
• Ability to meet deadlines in multiple tasking environments.
• Experience working for international humanitarian/development organizations.
• Ability to work effectively under pressure and to organize and prioritize competing activities.
• Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.
• Flexibility, patience, dedication and creativity.
• Fluent in French and English, with a working command of Creole preferred

A propos de CFET S.A.

CFET S.A. is private Human Resource and Development firm established in Haiti since October 1988, and has a solid experience in designing and implementing planned recruitment strategies, customized training, curriculum and teaching materials development.

CFET S.A.’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of worker’s performance and to facilitate access to a talent pool whose skills and character responds to employers’ needs and codes of ethics. We operate in a world in constant change, characterized by the need to harmonize cultural diversity and universality of skills and the need to prioritize skilled over cheap workforce.

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