Project Manager

Entreprise: Industrial Company

Type de contrat de travail:
Temps plein

Secteur d'activité:
Gestion des déchêts et Recyclage

Localisation: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date d'embauche: 10 novembre 2014

Publiée le: Oct 10, 2014


Project Manager at Industrial Company

Description du poste:

for its extension as well as the rehabilitation of its wastewater treatment plant this industrial company is looking for a Project Manager to ensure that both project are completed on time and within budget; that projects objectives are met and that every parties in the process is contributing properly.
The Project Manager will oversee the projects to ensure that desired result are achieved, the most efficient resources are used and the different interests involved are satisfied.

The Main Responsibility of the project Manager will be, according to projects objectives to:
• Represent the company's interests.
• Provide advice to the Management on the projects.
• Organize and Administrate the various professional people working on the projects.
• Carry out the Conceptualization and the executions of the projects.
• Carry out risk assessment.
• Make sure that all the aims of the projects are met.
• Make sure the quality standards are met.
• Use IT systems to keep track of people and progress.
• Validate Specialists and sub-contractors and Monitor sub-contractors to ensure guidelines are maintained.
• Report to the top Management on a regular basis the advancement of the projects.

Qualifications requises:

• Master Degree in Industrial engineering
• Significant experience in the beverage Industry.
• Former Experience as Project Manager.
• At least 7 years of experience in project

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